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“Service Fees, Insurance and An Honest Living”

What Is A Service Fee?

It’s interesting to see how much the moving industry terminology has changed over the years. A travel fee used to be the best way to describe what we now call a “Service Fee.” Long story short, the buyers (aka, those moving in Georgia) were confused and upset with the idea that we, the “Movers in Atlanta,” would charge a travel fee especially if their new home or office was just a few miles down the road. It used to be like tooth and nail to describe to our buyers that it is well worth it. Then it dawned on me; a travel fee really is (and should be called) a service fee.

The Service Fee is charged daily and includes the following: taxes & miles, fuel, workers compensation, reliable and safe tires, folded & clean moving blankets, hand trucks, four wheel dollies, tape & rubber bands, straps to secure load for transit, hardwood floor protection, wall/door protection kits (optional), lift gates or walk ramps for quick loading & unloading, background verified & safe employees, trained team members, one foreman per truck & BEST FOR LAST “Movers With Manners!”

Know Who You Hire… 

Let me tell you something that the rest of the “dime a dozen” movers in Atlanta will not tell you; “Know who you’re about to hire!” That is really all I can say~ Safety First, right? See, when you trust us into your home, you can, just as stated, Trust Us. As the owner of a moving company for 23 years, I have learned the true reason why everyone loves us and continues to hire our company over and over again. It’s simply because we are honest and real. Upfront, we have the reviews to support these words, but just check out our social plugs too, like Facebook or Instagram. No two moves are the same and we always do our best to give you a realistic idea of costs and time. Many people don’t want to hear the truth because moving can be expensive.

Whenever a candidate for my business walks through our door in search of awesome employment, you can rest assured that he or she has a resume, completed a complex application, is background checked and certified by local authorities that he or she is not wanted nor has any sexual crimes, theft and/or child crimes on their records. Without this certification process, you could truly be putting yourself or others in harms way. I see this way too often on the news where good people were in search of good people, but sadly get taken advantage of by bad people.

Do You Have A Realistic Budget In Mind? Worker’s Compensation & Additional Coverage Explained…

Typically, budget restrictions may influence a buyer to lower their standards by choosing the wrong mover (aka, the cheapest mover). Don’t get me wrong. Having a budget is definitely important, but so is having a realistic understanding of what it takes to professionally move your contents. We offer fair and competitive rates to all of our customers. Good movers have worker’s compensation (see our policies here), and any mover that does not have this protection plan in place (aka, operates without a worker’s compensation policy), you are literally placing your entire wealth and worth to the limits. Unfortunately, in this case, as soon as the employee or person performing services on your property is hurt, his attorney(s) will sue you for every nickel and dime they can get, plus sue the movers for operating under the table. All to save probably $20-$50 per hour on a one day service call. Do the math- Just imagine the legal fees just to protect yourselves from these attorney firms and the family members of the “victims” who can no longer work to support their families.

Look, we have the best workers compensation coverage in Atlanta just case there is an accident where someone gets hurt and needs costly medical coverage. We even offer additional protection for your furniture outside the basic coverage of just $0.60 per pound per item. This is a tougher conversation for anyone moving because the buyer just expects us to insure their furniture for free (after all, you are paying us to move it!). Just think of all the human errors that can occur to even the best of the best movers in Atlanta. This is a human-based industry and we all do our very best to stay safe and efficient, but sometimes things do happen. It would literally put all movers out of business, so the Department of Public Safety stepped in to protect the carriers and said “Hey, Wait A Minute…”… Furniture insurance is unique to its own way, just as each move is unique.

There are a ton of clients that say, “Buying the best coverage within the scope of a move is like having the peace of mind that everyone deserves, but not everyone can afford it.” The added Valuation protection is a one-time purchase vs. the traditional homeowners coverage which is monthly or annually depending on your coverage, etc. Once you buy the coverage, you will then have to decide on deductible levels (if any). Deductibles work just the same in the moving industry as they do in an automobile claim; meet the deductible requirements first! In that same way, if a mover causes less damage than the deductible, then it’s a loss even if you purchased the peace of mind added valuation coverage. However, if we get into an auto accident, and the damages are less than the deductible, we get upset but are really glad that it wasn’t the full cost, right?

An Honest Living…

So many people expect perfection but have no idea the value of it; or better yet, the true cost! Please understand, movers are not angels. We’re good people trying to do good things by helping clients like you. To be blunt, we move people for money, not for charity. The profits help us all to support our families. If this was a charity event, our advertising and motto’s would be much different. We all come from different backgrounds and have the same struggles. Please don’t expect our services to cost any less (or for free), as the services we specialize in certainly cost a lot to provide.

It’s exciting to know we have had your attention for so long as you took the time to read through our explanations of the service fee and more. We hope you know that your home and/or office means everything to all of us, and we value your trust in us to safely transport your contents from one location to another. Moving is not just a job here; it’s a career path in which we have seen a positive impact on our community.

Enjoy your final days in your current location because your new life begins the moment you hire us! Let’s make it a fun move, and try to remember it with a positive outlook. Moving stinks and it’s a lot of hard work and preparation, but let’s do it together and make it a good one~

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